Keményen lélegezzen le a dohányzásról

keményen lélegezzen le a dohányzásról

Bury my body intact and eventually a plant, different from all others, will grow out of my remains.

Leszokni a dohányzástól könnyebb lélegezni Szokj le a dohányzásról egy pillanat alatt!

Merely by smelling it, people will experience pleasure in body and mind, far more joyful than the union of male and female. It will spread far and wide until most of the beings on keményen lélegezzen le a dohányzásról earth will enjoy it. Opium and other related intoxicants taken by mouth or nose, neither help quench thirst nor satisfy hunger. These substances serve to increase nervousness and blood pressure.

They also cause cancer and pulmonary disease.

dohányzásellenes nikotin tabletták

At this time, many people, from all levels of society, develop irresistible attraction for these substances and proceed to consume them without control — and thus demonic intentionality has borne fruit.

It will grow in the border lands, from whence it will spread to Tibet. The people of Tibet will consume this enjoyable substance.

A dohányzásról való leszokás nem tud lélegezni

By the strength of this, the five neurotic poisons will increase. Rejecting the ten positive actions, people will practise the ten negative ones.

örökre leszokni a dohányzásról videohipnózis varázslat segítségével hagyja abba a dohányzást

The lives of the lineage holders will become precarious, and they will depart for the Buddha Fields. The smoke of this poison, penetrating the earth, will annihilate hundreds of thousands of cities of the kLu. Rain will not fall, harvest and livestock will not thrive, there will be civil unrest, plagues, and calamities.

Így szokj le a dohányzásról - 1. rész (gyógyszerek nélkül) Százszor leszoktam a dohányzásról

The essential fluids and veins of those who smoke will dehydrate. It causes the four hundred and four diseases to arise. Whoever smokes will be reborn in the lower realms. If one smokes and others inhale the odour, it will be as if one were ripping out the hearts of six million beings.

Dohányzási kódolás Taskent miért hízsz fel, amikor abbahagyja a dohányzást? Szokj le a dohányzásról egy pillanat alatt!

In particular, rather than eating nourishing food, people will consume the substances which are poisonous and evil-smelling. Interrupting what they are doing, they will consume the poison. They will need to spit, their noses will run, their health and complexion will fade.

A Siófoki kórház dolgozói az Allen Carr módszerrel szoknak le a cigiről

Merely smelling it, one will go to the Mar-med Myal-wa. For this reason give it up right now. They will be deceived by illusion and experience the arising of obsessive characteristics.

Azonnal abbahagytam az ivást és a dohányzást

As a sign of the exhaustion of merit they will have causes for tears which will flow uncontrollably. As the ten good qualities are discarded, negativity will rage like a storm.

Wholesome behaviour will be neglected, while perverse practices will be promulgated. In leszokni a sheps módszerről degenerate age the Protectors will vanish as demonic beings assume power.

Gyógyulás, amikor leszokik a dohányzásról

People will inhale tobacco smoke, and the spatial-veins of discriminative wisdom will become blocked, whilst agitation and distorted emotions become intensified. The central channel will be obstructed and the clarity of awareness will die.

Exhaustion of energy will keményen lélegezzen le a dohányzásról agitation around the world. Religious artifacts, the objects of veneration, will deteriorate; perverted ideologies and false religions will spread. The Protectors will turn aside and look only towards Mount Méru. Foreigners will invade Tibet, and Tibetans will be forced to stray in keményen lélegezzen le a dohányzásról border lands.

A dohányzásról való leszokás nem tud lélegezni -

Doctrines of Illusion will spread and the world will become a dimension of hell. It will originate in China, extend to Mongolia and Tibet.

videó, ami után leszokott a dohányzásról

Wherever it travels it will be consumed, and wherever it is consumed — rainfall will become irregular, accompanied by severe frost and hail. If practitioners consume this substance, even were they to practise for a hundred æons — they will not realise their yidams.

In future lives, they will wander incessantly in the three lower realms, where even the compassion of the Buddhas will have no power to help them.

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If this should be the case with a plant, at the physical level, why could not the fruit of the demonic intentionality cause spiritual death? Understanding this, the wise will render themselves a great kindness by renouncing tobacco and narcotics.

a lány leszokott a dohányzásról, mit jelent ez

In doing so, may the honourable and wise who avoid the path to the precipice have the good fortune of finding respite in the ecstatic garden of liberation.

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